Covid’s Impact on Arts Education Please take this short survey

FansRaise is researching the pandemic’s impact on arts programs in the US.

Please tell us how your program is managing through the pandemic and recovery.

Let’s make empty concert halls a thing of the past.

Virtual Band via Zoom.

Right now (Spring 2021), how is your program rehearsing/gathering? Were you using a hybrid model at any point?

These types of questions will help performing arts educators—and the dedicated volunteers who support them—understand the state of our activity.

There’s no getting around it — the Covid-19 pandemic has left a mark on the performing arts fields. But just how big is that impact? And will it last?

We don’t know yet.

But we’re trying to find out. Responses to these survey questions will help guide us toward some answers.

With your help, this survey will begin to uncover some of the trends that have played out in classrooms and concert halls around the country.

Will we need new technology? A nation-wide recruitment push to revive dwindling rosters? A public reinvestment in arts educator professionals?


Please take our 2-minute survey to help us find the best way forward for our beloved activity.

And please share this survey with other educators, volunteers, boosters, and even students! The more, the merrier.

Here it is—

Stuck in virtual rehearsals?

You’re not alone. This might help.

Just because you can’t play together doesn’t mean you can’t be together.

Orchestra conductor
Is that Voldemort or

You’re probably doing this already — get on Zoom or Google Meet at the regular time, with the instruments out, and BE together.

This will at least provide some sense of “ensemble-ness.” All students must mute their microphones at all times, otherwise you’ve got an unworkable cacophony on your hands.

Give your students something to play along to.

They can’t listen to each other, but they should listen to SOMETHING. You’re probably already doing some degree of this with Smartmusic or another similar app.

Remember “the first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one” from a minute ago?

There’s lag, there’s bandwidth, there’s internet connection speed, there’s hardware processing power, there’s device microphone quality….

Technology and physics are not on our side here.

But there is hope. Check out our detailed guide on How to Rehearse Virtually (and still use ensemble listening).

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