How Band Boosters and Band Directors Can Make Fundraising A Game

Make Band Fundraising a Game!

“Gamification” is all the rage right now.  It is tremendously popular in systems design as well as education and instructional design, and it refers to the process of creating a system of earned rewards based on desired behaviors.

Think in terms of “badges” that you earn for completing a workout.  Or how about “trophies” for virtually checking-in at certain places on an app.  These small tokens of accomplishment have a surprisingly strong effect on behavior.

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Band Boosters and Band Directors Can Agree on Band Fundraising

marching band fundraising

In some cases, the relationship between band boosters and the band director can be a complex one.  One thing that both parties can agree on, is that the boosters are typically tasked with coming up with a multitude of band fundraising ideas that generate as much revenue for the program as possible.

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