3 Reasons why Indoor Ensembles raise WAY MORE money with FansRaise


Winter Guard, Indoor Percussion, and Indoor Winds are some of the ensembles that commonly use FansRaise for easier and more effective fundraising.

Regardless if your ensemble is Scholastic or Independent, indoor groups often struggle for funding to meet the needs of advanced design, aggressive travel, and top-box instruction.

Here are (3) reasons that indoor ensembles are finding more success with FansRaise than other conventional (“yawn“) fundraising tactics:

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Should Marching Band Participation Be Required in High School Music Programs?


Disclaimer – In assembling this post, we drew on the input and expertise of dozens of colleagues and current/former high school music educators. We realize that different regions of the United States look at the marching band activity differently, and that what works in one school district will not be a fit in another community.

So now we’re going to “touch” the 3rd rail that we probably shouldn’t mess with – but here we go…

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