Your Friday FansRaise Tip – The Hardest Thing About ANY Fundraising (that you don’t have to worry about)

It’s simple.

It’s so obvious.


It’s the thing that humans hate possibly more than spiders, snakes, the dark, clowns, and elevators (my wife REALLY hates elevators)…

Got it yet?

Here’s another hint – it’s the one thing that probably holds back your group fundraising effort more than anything else, yet nobody talks about it.

…and its the same thing that kept you from “shooting your shot” with the cute kid in 8th grade for the Homecoming Dance…

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The Most Expensive Sport in America: Inside the Rising Costs of the Marching Arts

Marching Band: Most Expensive Sport in America.

The marching arts isn’t just a varsity sport. It’s the NFL, the Olympics, and American Idol all in one.

What does all that cost? A lot. In many cases, a marching season costs several times more than any sports team’s budget.

Let’s take a look at what’s driving these costs.

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