How to Rehearse Your Band Remotely: And still use ensemble listening

For arts educators, remote teaching brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic is incredibly challenging.

Live ensemble performance cannot be accomplished alone, no matter how fast your video conference software runs.

Rehearsing a band remotely is hard.

Here’s how to make it a little easier.

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You’re Doing Virtual Band Videos Wrong. And You’re Missing the Point.

When radio started, actors recited theater shows. When tv started, they broadcast footage of radio dramas.

Anytime a new medium emerges, it starts by copying its predecessor.

And so do virtual band videos… for now.

Ask any band or chorus director. Operating a performing arts ensemble remotely is not the same as doing so in-person.

But some directors try to make it that way. They seem to be looking for virtual versions of their favorite in-person methods.

That’s the wrong answer.

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