The FansRaise Method

It’s a website, an app, and a simple idea.

There’s no secret — just success.

The FansRaise platform uses world-class technology. But, as with any tool, success is determined by how it’s used.

Our platform alone won’t break any fundraising records. For that, you need to apply the FansRaise Method.

There is no “set it and forget it”

It’s your money. Do you really want to forget it? Our platform automates the tedious work, but how far we go is up to you.

No fundraising is truly 100% automatic—that would be magic. In reality, it takes work.

Campaigns need proactive monitoring. If 10 of your members never signed up, wouldn’t you ask them about it?

For a fundraising campaign to be truly successful, it needs to be monitored, managed, and maximized.

Luckily, we can help – we offer training and coaching sessions for all our customers and their student members.

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Every cause needs a champion

Someone has to be in charge of your campaign. Monitor, motivate & maximize — like a champ!

Just like every ensemble needs a director, every campaign needs someone to lead the charge.

We STRONGLY recommend that the campaign champion be the ensemble director — that’s who members listen to!

But it’s important to note that the Campaign Champion does not need to spend all day and night managing campaign minutiae.

The Champion is the heart and soul of the campaign — someone who gets the members excited to contribute to the cause.

Optional tip amount.

Win the game, win the prize

Most campaigns need to motivate high school & college students — FUN is a key ingredient.

We’re all competitive, even if we only compete with ourselves. Use that to your advantage.

The MOST important factor in campaign success is buy-in from the members, and friendly competitions make that happen.

Section vs. section. Upper classes vs. lower classes. Whatever your competitive model is, make sure the members have a FUN reason to participate.

Above all, members should understand that when they compete, the whole program wins.

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Incentives & Thank You’s

Our platform will contact & collect — but your campaign needs to convince & convert.

Donors love to receive gifts & thank you’s in return for their support. Leverage the incentives.

One of our most successful campaigns ever turned a pile of used drum heads into a pile of $100 donations.

You might call this the PBS Model: set aside 5 types of “gift” or thank you item to give to your donors. The more they give, the higher tier gift they receive.

Donors are generous people, by definition. But incentives and thank you’s are proven to improve donation rates and amounts.

5 tiers of donation gifts, representing values of $20, 50, 100, 250, and $500.