How to Fundraise for the Arts

Raising money can be easy. Here's how.

You’re Doing Virtual Band Videos Wrong. And You’re Missing the Point.

When radio started, actors recited theater shows. When tv started, they broadcast footage of radio dramas.

Anytime a new medium emerges, it starts by copying its predecessor.

And so do virtual band videos… for now.

Ask any band or chorus director. Operating a performing arts ensemble remotely is not the same as doing so in-person.

But some directors try to make it that way. They seem to be looking for virtual versions of their favorite in-person methods.

That’s the wrong answer.

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Arts Fundraising Covid 19 Recovery.

[Updated] No platform fees in 2020

We all know times are tough right now.

And of course that includes schools and arts programs, many of whom are unsure what next year will bring.

  • Many schools face budget cuts in the wake of economic downturn.
  • Arts programs are scrambling to replace lost revenue.
  • Reliable fundraisers—like bake sales & car washes—are cancelled.

It’s a difficult time to be planning a marching band season or show choir set. But we can help.

Funding the arts is what we do.  For years, we’ve been helping ensembles buy gear and enhance their programs.

This is our “why.” — We want to help.

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