Easton High School – Great Locomotive Chase

This video is what started the whole “hey we should help people plan their virtual performance videos” idea for us. This is just so damn creative!

This is the first video I saw that really opened my eyes to the possibilities for high school marching bands and their virtual performances.

Even Robert W. Smith, the composer of the piece, was in awe of Easton High School’s performance.

What we like about it

This video completely breaks the mold of a “virtual performance.” It’s an in-person performance, that shares the same space but, due to social distancing, at different times.

Beyond the creativity of changing the space and time restrictions, the video tells a story. Suddenly, viewers are 100% invested in the orange-clad percussionist’s journey. We’re transported from watching to participating.

This is my #1 favorite way to create a virtual performance!