Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 4 – Fly to Paradise

Whoaaaaaa this video is insane! Clearly professional, and with good reason. Eric Whitacre is a big league pro, and his Virtual Choirs are the real deal.

I can’t even imagine how much editing went into a video like this. I’d love to know what it cost to produce! Yet another reason to fundraise for your marching band.

What we like about it

The consistency of feeling is clear. Despite containing 8,409 separate videos from 5,905 singers, the video feels cohesive and unified—no small feat!

I have to admit, I think the animated winged girl is a little creepy, but credit where it’s due— this is a volunteer performing arts ensemble whose creator commissioned an entire animated film just to showcase singers from around the world.

The evolution of Whitacre’s Virtual Choir is impressive, and relevant to anyone looking to create a virtual performance video.

Notice how it starts with creatively-arranged rectangles and quickly grows beyond that limitation into a standalone piece of creative musical entertainment.

Here’s the sequence:

Virtual Choir 123567 • and a TED Talk explaining the initiative.