Celebrating a birthday, and planning 2018 marching band fundraising

happy birthday fansraise crowdfunding


We are celebrating FansRaise’s 1st Birthday!

12 months ago, we formally launched to the performing arts public and in the past year we have had an opportunity to do some great work with some outstanding organizations.

We’ve learned lots in the past 365 days:

  1. Arts orgs are continually under pressure financially
  2. Ensemble directors and boosters have ZERO time to spend on fundraisers that are time-consuming or hassle-filled.
  3. Many groups have resorted to fundraising 12 months a year outside of their normal performing season.


On the topic of that last point – marching band fundraising has become a year-round effort. We are asked frequently “When is the best time to run my FansRaise campaign?”.

Technically you can run a campaign anytime, but what we find is that the best results are obtained when:

  • Expectations are worked into the overall membership of the ensemble (creating a fundraising culture – “This is what we do…”).
  • The introduction of the campaign aligns with the in-season practices and rehearsals.
  • The promotion of your campaign aligns well with the early-stages of your season – “piggy-backing” on the momentum of your season’s launch.



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