[REPORT] Raise $5K in 6 Days for Your Performing Ensemble with FansRaise



We are proud to release a new report – available as a free download here.

The ensembles that we work with are typically under a time crunch. There are never enough days or hours to accomplish everything on the list. 

Fundraising normally falls towards the bottom of that list. Fundraising is difficult to do well, which is one of the reasons why hundreds of performing organizations are using FansRaise as a resource for easier and more efficient fundraising.

In a nutshell, this report outlines a 6-day process by which you can plan and launch your ensemble’s campaign. 

FansRaise isn’t like other crowdfunding platforms. Our system engages your student performers directly to build their own individual Contact lists, and then our Campaign Engine delivers contextualized emails to those Contacts “in the voice” of the student participant.

Students do not need to create emails or content – they just need to invest 10-15 minutes at the front of the campaign building their Contact lists.

Even smaller ensembles can be highly successful in a short amount of time. 6 Days is ambitious but it can be done, and our new Report lays out how.



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