In support of all of our music booster parents – finding ways to provide for the kids


Busy, frantic, and harried parents have so much on the plate these days. The feeling of being pulled in umpteen directions and fighting an uphill battle is not something we thought we signed up for may years ago when we began to have children!

Music booster parents are among those saints that seem to figure out how to make everything work.

Request – We need flags sewn…

Booster response – “Where’s the sewing machine?”.

Those props we talked about, can we double it to 20?

“When do you need them on the field?”

Is there any way you could drive the truck next weekend?

“Where do you keep the keys?”


We’re about $3,000 short on the budget – can you coordinate this fundraiser?

“When do you want to start?”



Arts programs that are constantly stretching limits, trying new things, and challenging students are also “stretching”, “trying” and “challenging” booster parents as well. Taking on those extra hurdles adds to the stress placed on your programs’ volunteers.

FansRaise has published some items that many booster programs will find beneficial:


And for those programs that are struggling to raise funds in a simpler, easier way – our $10,000 Blueprint could be your life raft this upcoming season:



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