Benefits of Arts Crowdfunding: the Up-Side is Endless


There are approximately “a gazillion” reasons that a performing ensemble or marching band may want to start a crowdfunding campaign.

While we won’t cover ALL of them here, we’ll spend some time on the major variations that one might expect.

  • “OMG – did you see their props?” – Prop envy is real folks….
  • Something bad happened – something broke, was damaged, or “act-of-God” stuff occurred.
  • Something good happened – 4 new tuba players moved into the district!
  • Growth of the program – tiny senior class leaves, massive influx of new 9th graders arrives, band is suddenly the coolest thing ever, and your group jumps up 2 size categories.
  • Your color guard designer changes his/her mind and decides that you absolutely MUST have new costumes and full flags rather than recycling as you previously agreed.

  • Judges comment – “Boy I think your theme would really carry across to the audience with TWICE the props…” (see also “Prop Envy, above)
  • THIS is the year you decide to upgrade your sound package, so mics, a dedicated MacBook, mixer board, synth, and all of the bells/whistles are needed.
  • “That truck isn’t going to make it to another show…”
  • “That pit tractor isn’t going to make it to another front sideline…”
  • “Our plumes got rained on again…”
  • “What would the band look like with WHITE BIBBERS?”
  • “We were invited to a nationally-televised bowl game – now what?”
  • Your drum guy has cannibalized ALL of your extra drums to make almost enough battery equipment.

And on and on….

Have any others that are funny and creative to add? Put ’em in the comments!

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