Crowdfunding Campaigns Around The Holidays


The holiday season is a perfect time to think about maximizing the pull of your crowdfunding campaign. Your student participants are likely to be bumping into far-flung relatives that they rarely see.

Asking them to support your donation campaign is made much easier face-to-face, and talking about your performing season is a great icebreaker!

Students should:

  • Double-check his/her dashboard to see who has donated as well as who hasn’t yet. Be ready to offer a hearty THANK YOU to donors you’ll see face-to-face (we’ve already emailed a receipt and thank you on the students’ behalf).
  • Savvy mobile device users should have their own personal campaign link ready to share (at the top of his/her dashboard) – it’s easy to copy/paste into a text, or just share it directly via direct message on Facebook or Twitter.

Take advantage of the holiday season to help drive your crowdfunding campaign towards higher goals!


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