Your Friday FansRaise Tip – Launch Dates Matter In Crowdfunding


One pro-tip we can offer any performing ensemble that is looking to embark on a successful crowdfunding campaign is to closely pay attention to HOW you launch your campaign.

If you take care to pay attention to the “little things” (as outlined in our $10,000 Blueprint), one of the most important ways to ensure success is to get off on the right foot (or left foot, because you know, marching band). Firmly defining a LAUNCH DATE is key for two reasons:


(1) It creates emotion, energy, and buzz…

There is nothing as satisfying as watching a group go BANANAS when they see their campaign page explode within the first 24-48 hours of a campaign. Even if you have a program where there might not be 100% participation in the campaign (from a students’ standpoint), FOMO will take over and compel some members to jump into the campaign (FOMO is a strong emotional driver in the age-groups we work with).


(2) It motivates members’ activity and buy-in…

Without a defined Launch Date, your campaign will be subject to highly variable participation levels, distractions, and support. When a Launch Date is set into stone, it now becomes “A THING” as the kids like to say, and that’s a big deal. Goals without dates are just casual and hopeful plans.


With a defined Launch Date, it also forces a certain degree of compliance:

Director – “We are launching our FansRaise campaign on Thursday morning the 6th. I need all of you to have your contacts entered into the FansRaise platform by 10pm on Wednesday the 5th…”

Otherwise, it just falls into that category of “I’ll get to it when I can”, or “Oh, are we still doing that thing?”


At FansRaise, we define the LAUNCH DATE as the day we drop the first outgoing email message to members’ contacts. You should introduce the campaign to your group a few days prior to in order to give your students time to develop their own list of 20 potential donor contacts, and then input them into our platform.


For more hints, tips, and best practices on how to set up your LARGEST FUNDRAISER of the year, download our free $10,000 Blueprint!


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