Will the New Tax Plan Impact Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

This post is a topical one given the date of the original post (1/31/17), and the widespread news across the internet and social media about the impending doom-laden tax bill.


Without going into the minutiae of the new tax plan, we think it’s important to realize that while charitable giving may be broadly impacted at the highest levels (such as large corporate giving for instance), your small crowdfunding campaign is probably unlikely to experience any negative impacts.

Why you ask? It’s actually pretty simple.

We will speak from FansRaise’s point of view here – understanding that your campaign will be receiving donations from donor contacts largely contributed by your student members, those individuals will most likely continue to give and contribute despite any new tax legislation changes. The reality is that very few people even end up writing-off donations come tax time (despite all the questions we receive about tax-deductability) for a variety of reasons.

Will the new tax plan affect charitable giving at the corporate level – it’s possible. For the purposes of your FansRaise campaign, it really won’t move the needle at all. Concentrate your campaign on motivating your student members to focus on  their close contacts as donors that will be most likely to donate and contribute.

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