Best Time for Performing Arts Crowdfunding: When Should I Run My Campaign?


We are often asked “When should I run my crowdfunding campaign? what time of the year works the best?”

There are actually two answers to this question.


By the numbers, the best time to raise money via crowdfunding donations tends to be the period of time between Thanksgiving and the end of the calendar year (known commonly as the “Giving Season” in fundraising circles). Statistically speaking – non-profit organizations report that they raise the majority of their funds within this window of time. The reasons for this are most likely two-fold:

  1. The giving public typically feels a little bit more “giving” during these weeks around the holidays.
  2. The tax-man-cometh… (obviously) The end of the year giving is influenced by tax write-offs for certain.


From a FansRaise perspective, your ensemble season and type will dictate your optimal timing. 

For instance:

  • Drum corps are heating up right now (April). Enthusiasm is high, membership rosters have been set, and bills are due shortly.
  • Marching bands have two strong seasons. Many competitive programs try to get an early start in the spring with middle school and junior high recruiting along with audition clinics. Springtime before school lets out for the summer, and the late summer provides that perfect intersection between student attention and enthusiasm, and the calm-before-the-storm.
  • Indoor ensembles (percussion, winter guard) need to focus on campaign launch right after auditions are completed and the roster is set. The season is so short there isn’t time to mess around.
  • Community choirs/bands/orchestras and other year-round ensembles should try to focus on November/December to take advantage of the full “Giving Season” mentioned above.

These are not always hard-and-fast rules. We have facilitated successful campaigns when the ensemble happens to be “off-season”, but it certainly is easier to maximize student participation when the director sees the members frequently and the ensemble is top-of-mind.

All campaigns require planning and thought beforehand. Luckily FansRaise has your back on this. Download our $10K Blueprint for a quick and handy guide to raising $10K+ for your ensemble.


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