Arts Fundraising Challenges: Biggest Hurdle to Successful Campaigns



Much has been said about all of the variables that have an effect on a FansRaise campaign. Some of these factors include:

  • Type of campaign (ranging from very specific goals to general needs)
  • Timing of the year
  • Socio-economic demographics of the region
  • “Awesomeness” of the campaign page
  • The emails to donors (how customized?)


I am going to share a quick tip with you. While some of these items above need to be considered, they are actually fairly unimportant in the totality of a campaign:

The single-most important factor that dictates success – student ownership


We’ve written about this in the past, at length:

Using marching programs to emphasize student ownership

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When you engage in fundraising with your large group (performing ensemble), you are already taking advantage of your BIGGEST advantage – which is a large group of motivated students that care about their activity and are typically bright, motivated achievers.

Follow the steps that we outline in our new $10,000 Blueprint for more ideas on how to leverage your members for incredible results:



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