Singles or Home Runs? How to Maximize Arts Fundraising Efficiency


This morning on our way to breakfast at our favorite spot, I saw a marching band car wash in process. Later on that morning, less than 2 miles away I saw another car wash for a different activity I did not verify.

I’m a fan of ANYTHING that can make money for a program, but I sometimes wonder “How much money can actually be raised at a carwash, or bake sale, or {{insert activity here}}?”

I think event fundraisers are nice, as not only can you make.a little bit of cash for the program, but on the heels of band camp and school starting, underclassmen and incoming rookies can quickly acclimate to their older colleagues. Culture can be solidified, tribal lore is shared, inside jokes are created, and the social fabric of the group begins to develop.

I also believe that it’s critical to mix some of the smaller, incremental fundraisers in with some huge ones, and that keeping expectations realistic is key.

So go ahead and do those fun things to bring the kids together, but also remember to swing for the fences a few times a year too.


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