The Importance of Goal / Targets in Band Fundraising

Of all of the choices to make when building out your marching band program’s crowdfunding campaign, the selections of goal and target  could be the most vital to overall success and potential.

While in most programs, the band boosters frequently set the tone and the band fundraising calendar, this is an area where the band director or ensemble director becomes the primary influence.  After all, the band director is charged with the ongoing growth of the program as a bottom line.

In terms of “how to” choose a goal, consider these points:

How “legit” is your goal?

When we refer to the goal as the “thing we’re raising money for”, the target becomes “the dollar amount”.  It is ALWAYS better to focus on a tangible item whenever possible, as it draws focus on the resource that is lacking rather than the budget shortfall (that’s the school district’s job, right?).  Avoid like the plague asking for dollars to pad a general budget – even “repair budgets” leave donors somewhat lukewarm.

Is the dollar amount (the “target”) realistic?

Given a suitable goal, is that dollar amount (the target) realistic?  If you direct a 35 member marching band, but decide that you must attend that band festival in Japan, can you expect to completely offset the total price tag of $170,000?  It’s likely that you can take a decent chunk out of that amount, but think in terms of what looks reasonable on a member/family basis.  

Is the goal “splashy” enough?

I will say that in the example used previosly, that band festival in Japan does have a certain cache, and it’s likely that the honor and priviledge of travelling to represent the community to a distant country will excite some potential donors.  Consider the “sizzle” created by your request.

Is the story you write compelling?

So much of the allure to crowdfunding has to do with ability to draw donors into your story.  When you have the opportunity to create a description of your campaign, are you doing a good job of capturing attention and driving action.  

For a great example of how DCI World Class Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps told their story – you can take a look at their campaign description and their video outlining their need for a food trailer upgrade HERE.

For more details on how to purposely select goals and targets for your campaign, take a look at our Special Report:


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