Ensemble Fundraising – How To Plan and “HACK” your Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


We’ve mentioned before that one of the biggest assets that your ensemble has going for it is the large number of students or member participants. 

Crowdfunding has lots of advantages as a fundraiser for your group, but among the most significant is the ability to put a campaign together pretty quickly and then create a group-organized effort.

The sheer number of participants (and their aggregated contact lists) allows for the campaign to find its support base quickly.

Well, looking at the calendar, we are almost at that mythical, magical, fabled time of the year that we all look forward to….


As your kids trickle-back-in from summer vacation and you begin to bring your group together for the 2018 school year, NOW is the time to put your campaign goals and targets together.

And the best way to facilitate a successful campaign is to use our $10,000 Blueprint.


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