Your Friday FansRaise Tip – Set the Clock in Motion

If you ask 100 band boosters or band directors to describe their impressions of marching band season, it might resemble the opening 15 minutes of ‘Saving Private Ryan’…

Stressed band booster parent

I recognize the absurdity of that statement, but the point is that we are all flying around with way too much on our plates. Between rehearsals, homework, sectionals, meetings, and (guffaw) any kind of a social life or outside interest – let alone an additional fall sport – it’s just too much.

Which brings us to our FansRaise Friday Tip of the Week:

Set Your Clock in Motion By Picking a Start Date AND STICK TO IT…

In the busy onslaught world that we all dwell in, you will be helping out your students and parents immeasurably by putting a pin in the calendar and selecting a hard/fast date to launch the public part of your campaign.

Keep in mind that you’ll need at least a week (maybe more) to allow yourself time to build your campaign, as well as your students to activate their profiles and add their contacts to the platform (we recommend 20). Read more about why that number is important by reading this post.


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