Your Friday FansRaise Tip – Strength In Numbers

iStock-512912044The numbers you have in your group are your largest asset.

Consider all of the regular convention fundraisers that you undertake as a group. You know that 80% of your results probably come from 20% (or sometimes a lot less).

A crowdfunding campaign can be set up to be altogether different, because you can (and should) be able to leverage close to 100% of your membership.

Let’s say you have a group of 100 musicians in your ensemble. That would be 100 different networks that you can potentially use to promote your campaign, and instead of one campaign page doing all the work, with FansRaise you have 100 individualized versions* of the page that will be broadcasted via social media and email.

* Participant campaign pages are what we call ‘lightly customized’ in that they contain the members’ name and profile image, should they choose to upload one.

In terms of those numbers, the most logical thought is “How many donors can each student find?”. Reasonably speaking, the number of donors per student ought to be 3-5 provided that the students are engaged and guided towards thinking about what friends, family, neighbors, and other connections would make a potential donor.

Now, go back to your ensemble of 100 participants. Let’s say you AVERAGE 2 donors per student (which is actually lower than we’d like, but let’s use it).

200 donations averaging $50 per donation would net this group $10,000, and there are DISTINCT ways and means to increase your average donation significantly. These ways and means comprise some of the “secret sauce” that we discuss in our $10,000 Blueprint which is serving as a campaign roadmap for ensembles all across the country. It’s a free download, so you should probably just click below to grab yourself a copy:


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