Your Friday FansRaise Tip – October can be the PERFECT STORM (for your crowdfunding campaign)


The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are beginning to drop a little, and October will soon be upon us. 

There are several reasons why October is shaping up to be a great time to get your crowdfunding campaign moving forward:


Your ensemble presents a “captive audience”

Now that you are in the throes of the fall marching season and school has begun, you now have your student participants ready and able to jump in with both feet.

Your students bring endless enthusiasm and energy to your program, and the ability to access that energy and tap into their positivity represents a massive advantage.


Your fall ensembles are HIGHLY VISIBLE

Between football games, competition performances, and the sound of drums and metronomes echoing through the neighborhood, your program is front-and-center in the minds of your community. October is the perfect time to leverage that top-of-mind awareness.


October is the beginning of “Giving Season”

The end of the calendar year represents the most significant time interval for donations and charitable giving. The statistics bear that out.

Charitable giving elevates late in the year (because, you know, the tax thing and all), and the time between Thanksgiving and the 31st of December is particularly brisk across campaigns of all types.

Planning your campaign NOW will allow your organization to surf that giving wave to great effect. 


Do not pay the cost of “lost opportunity” by waiting or delaying. FansRaise has made it easy to plan and launch a world-class crowdfunding campaign that should deliver your organization the largest fundraising return you’ve experienced. Download our $10K Blueprint to learn more:



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