Arts Fundraising Options: Which Approach is Best for You?

Performing ensembles typically have a variety of needs that range from uber-specific (like, new bassoon bocals) to the very general and broad (we need a new equipment truck for our band program).


Ensemble needs will vary AND change frequently, but student fundraising is also a part of the picture.

That big band trip you’d like to take? That’s going to set each household back $1200 – never mind about the “Jennings Triplets”. How about that large “Activity Fee” that your school requires to join “marching band”? Those fees are sometimes significant.


Typical performing arts fundraising falls into two broad categories:

(1) Capital Fundraising

(2) Individual/Performer Fundraising


Now, each category has it’s benefits and it’s limitations:


Capital Fundraising




Individual/Member Fundraising


  • Enables student performers to reach a large number of potential donors with a crowdfunding request.
  • Distant and far-flung family members can easily support the student without having to worry about arranging delivery of items sold.


  • If the campaign isn’t “pitched” and set up properly, a crowdfunding appeal can come across “weakly” when supporting an individual as opposed to a program.
  • While most students will find the dollars raised helpful, there will always be a number of students that “opt-out” due to the lack-of-a-need to participate. 


But here’s the one question YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF when weighing which direction to take?

Which campaign is the most necessary, RIGHT NOW in the short term?


While it might be nice to allow your students another individual fundraiser to pad the account – will the money raised be a benefit when compared to the band boosters needing to shell out THOUSANDS of dollars on rental trucks in the course of a competitive season?

These are questions best left to you and your expertise, HOWEVER, if you’d like to bounce ideas off of the team at FansRaise we can certainly help you figure out the best path forward for your group.



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