Your Friday FansRaise Tip – Give Your Campaign a 2nd Wind


When a campaign launches, there is usually a flurry of donations that come in fast and furious. In fact it can be somewhat overwhelming to experience endless email notifications (the FansRaise platform allows you to customize your alerts, from real-time, to a daily roll up, to weekly, etc). It’s not uncommon for campaigns to reach 60-70% of goal within mere hours of being live.

Once the initial donations roll in, things tend to quiet down a bit because people generally will just donate one time to your campaign.

Campaigns will often reach a point where they slow down and won’t progress much further without a push in the right direction.


Take this campaign for example (screenshot from within the dashboard):

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 7.32.25 AM

You can see that with each supporter email the campaign sends to contacts, the net effect begins to drop. This is simply due to penetrating deeper into the contacts list, and reaching that max percentage of contacts that will ultimately donate. Unfortunately a percentage of your list will never donate, but that’s just life.

So when a campaign begins to reach it’s reasonable limit, what do you do?



For starters, look at this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 7.32.09 AM

84% of members “confirmed” means that these students took the time to check their email and “join” the campaign. Ideally this should be something closer to 100%, but 84% is OK.

BUT – if you look at the average contacts per donor (9.63 – 1185 contacts across 123 participants), we’re averaging under 10 contacts per engaged student. Could be a lot better, needless to say…

ALSO, what we can learn by diving a little deeper is that only 6 students found 5 or more donors from their list, and only 52 students found ONE donor. 

71 of the confirmed participants haven’t even found a SINGLE DONOR YET.

If these 71 students found (2) donors apiece that kept to the average donation for this campaign, the campaign would instantly MORE THAN DOUBLE.


This particular campaign is off the a great start despite some of the shortcomings above, but with some guidance, coaching, and motivation from the ensemble director – it would be simple for this total to DOUBLE in the next few days.

Look within your Org and Campaign dashboards, and tap into the potential of your member participants that are still “hanging on the fence”. By recognizing the efforts of your top-of-the-leaderboard members, and by setting and holding a certain expectation of mindful participation, your campaign will benefit.


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