Marching Band Fundraising For Student Leadership Development


The marching and performing arts might be the single greatest youth development activity available to kids today. Sports are great too, but there is something additional in the marching arts that combine artistic and emotional dimensions with the physical demands required of performers. This unique blend of skill competencies sets the marching activities apart from the rest of the activity landscape, in our humble opinion.

If you read this blog, we’re guessing that you probably agree with the above statements. If you disagree, well then might I suggest you rethink that point of view?

“How Band Class Alters the Teenage Brain” – a Northwestern University study. 

“18 Lessons Marching Band Teaches Our Kids: A Parent’s Perspective” – via the National Association of Music Parents

“Why Music? Why Band?” – a position piece published by Dr Tim Lautzenheiser via Bands of America.


A Harris Poll a while back found that 73% of Fortune 1000 CEOs were involved with high school music programs.


With all of this great stuff that happens as a result of ensemble participation, let’s move into a deeper level. At FansRaise, we often encourage directors and booster parents to consider allowing the students or ensemble members to “take the lead” ownership with an ensemble or marching band fundraising campaign (if you listen closely you can hear the parents REJOICING!).

Less work for directors and boosters – more ownership and leadership developed by the student members.

These become real world skills where we create young adults that take pride and step up to meet challenges rather than wait for someone else.


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