Thousands of Dollars Hidden in Your Rehearsal Room: You Just Need to Know Where to Look.


There’s money LURKING in your rehearsal room…

It’s not stashed away in a choir folder. It’s not hidden in a tuba case.(You don’t want to know WHAT the tuba section keeps in those cases!)

How much money are we talking about? That highly depends on a few factors and it begins with YOU…


Start with the MATH.

Take the number of students in your program, and multiply by (5).

This is the key advantage to a crowdfunding campaign for a performing ensemble, and at-scale it will lead to a surprisingly high number of potential donors.

On average, your students can be realistically expected to be able to connect your program with 5 donor supporters. Some will go way above and beyond and bring you 10 or 15, and we’ve had a few go way over 20, but 5 is reasonable.

  • Think about extended and far-flung family that are most likely too far away for a delivery of candy or wrapping paper (or any other sales fundraiser you prefer).
  • Think about neighbors, that (hopefully) consistently hear your students practicing their instrument across the back yard.
  • Consider all of the previous past teachers, instructors, coaches, and friends’ parents they’ve been around.
  • Think about the close personal networks of the students’ PARENTS – work colleagues, friends, etc.



Can you make it a “big deal”?

Next, consider all of the times that your students came through in the clutch for you or for your ensemble director. Those late nights of rehearsal. The times where a particular piece of music proved to be too difficult but the kids worked endlessly to perform over their heads.

Your students frequently rise to the challenge set before them, and they strive to meet lofty expectations. 

If you (or your educational partners, in the case of you music boosters) create excitement, urgency, and enthusiasm within your program – you will unlock the gateway that leads you to those 5 donors per student.

It’s not difficult, because arts educators are IN THE BUSINESS of getting kids to try things and do things that require trust. 



Complete the Math problem.


Remember when you multiplied your number of students by (5)?

Take that number and then use $40 as an average donation (and this could be much higher if you use some of our suggestions on how to “amplify” your donations).

Number of Students Multiplied by 5 Donors per Avg Student Number of Total Donations Average Donation ($40) * Total Raised in Campaign
40 5 200 $40 $8,000
80 5 400 $40 $16,000
120 5 600 $40 $24,000
200 5 1000 $40


* Your results may vary, and are highly dependent on your own organization’s buy-in and participation.


The money is there and the potential is vast. All you need to do is unlock that potential by ASKING. 


Regardless of your fundraising needs or goals – a crowdfunding campaign that is student-centered is one of the most effective means of raising a huge sum of money in a short amount of time. For more guidance on how to put together a campaign for your own ensemble, download our $10,000 Blueprint as a guide:



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