“Where Did All This Money Come From?”


Every organization has its own unique culture. This is especially true when it comes to organizational fundraising. 

Not every group that FansRaise works with gets 100% buy-in. Sometimes, the leadership contacts that we work with are disappointed with the apathy, the lack of follow-through from members and families, and the general attitudes towards fundraising.

“They complain that our fees and our costs are too high, but they also refuse to jump into anything we do to fundraise as a program…”

We’ve explored ways to combat skepticism, and ways to “sell” the concept of FansRaise to your student leadership.

Sometimes your best tactic is to just plow through and do the best you can, but even in those situations you might be surprised at how much money you still might end up making.

Case in point:

We are working with an active campaign at the moment that has its own set of issues.

  • Boosters trying to run a successful fundraiser without much (if any) director endorsement
  • Weak fundraising culture where everyone complains about costs but nobody wants to fundraise
  • They are fundraising “out of season”
  • Nobody reads and pays attention to emails

So on the surface, this campaign is DOOMED, right? I mean, why bother?

They have raised about $5,000, with practically no cooperation, no adoption, and a shockingly small number of engaged students.

The reality is that the $4,000 they’ve raised probably represents the easiest, most stress-free money that program will ever see.

If this program (with all of its issues) can ACCIDENTALLY make $5K, how much could your program make?


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