Band Booster Fundraiser Success: A Guide to Great Fundraisers, According to Band Boosters

“Band Boosters”. “Friends of Music”. “Band Parents”. “Music Supporters”. My new favorite that I just discovered this week is “BAND BACKERS”!

band boosters cheering in the stands

All of these groups are charged with the responsibility of looking after and supporting the activities of the performing arts department. This is a big responsibility considering the ratio of booster support compared to district support. In some programs the ratio is 50/50, but in other situations I’ve found that the primary revenue comes solely from the booster organization, and without that support the marching band simply doesn’t play or compete.




When band boosters are evaluating potential fundraisers, much of the criteria will involve:


Profit margin – how much money does the Org keep, compared to the purchase price of the item sold?

Crowdfunding offers a pretty attractive margin when compared to other conventional fundraisers, where boosters only keep 60%-ish of the profit.


How much work is involved – do we need to pre-order, warehouse goods, and then distribute the product OR do they drop-ship?

Crowdfunding represents a pretty easy way to quickly set up a campaign that can be broadcast via email and social media to your “worldwide” donor-base.


Uniqueness – is this fundraiser similar to anything else happening in our school community?

It is unlikely that you would be able to find another sport or activity within your local community using crowdfunding, or at least to the extent that FansRaise would help you use it!  


Sustainability – is this a “one-and-done” activity, or could it become a perennial calendar event?

Crowdfunding is easy to use when needed, and setting up a campaign as an annual event or fundraising drive is simple to do. FansRaise takes it a step further as our platform promotes multiple ensembles and students maintain a connection  with our platform each season via their “Contact List”. Rebooting a new campaign the next time around is even easier and more effective.


In the final analysis, most band boosters want a fundraiser that simply will be worth the time invested, and not represent a major hassle! 

If you haven’t been able to tell by now, crowdfunding is one of those rare fundraising opportunities that tick all of the boxes. It’s extremely effective when done well, and it doesn’t take much effort or know-how to pull off a great campaign.





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