Band Booster Fundraiser Guide: “Take my money—I don’t want your stuff”

Band bake sale


The reality of most fundraisers is that many of your “customers” aren’t that interested in your wrapping paper, pies, candy, tulip bulbs, etc.

Your fundraiser is asking for help – it’s implicit as part of the deal – and those patrons that hand over some cash are simply doing you a favor.

Many of the boosters we’ve interviewed have said something along the lines of:

“It almost doesn’t matter what we sell – I think people mainly want to help the kids and they just pay whatever seems appropriate just to support us.”



You can make life VERY simple and skip the hassle of working with a sales rep, ordering and fulfilling product (how many directors end up with a pallet of STUFF in their office?), and then chasing kids and families for either their money, or their follow-through in picking up and delivering the goods.

Eliminate headaches…

Reduce the burden on your boosters and families…

The money will still come in – probably more if you follow some of our best practices on how to put together a great crowdfunding campaign.





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