Answerbag – How Long Should Your Campaign Last? Benefits of Start and End Dates…

This is another common question we get – how long should my campaign run?


This answer depends mostly on you and your group.

Campaigns that have extremely high per-member goals – such as a 100 member marching band trying to raise $100,000 (meaning each student needs to “find” $1,000) require lots of time, as well as some additional help on how to increase average the donation.

The short answer is that your campaign should take all the time you wish to devote to it, but what can be more effective is framing your campaign with firm START and END dates.

Campaigns can be run very efficiently within a window of time, and there are benefits to having firm START and END dates.

Your START DATE (in our model) refers to the first externally-sent supporter message to your members’ contacts. We find that groups get better results when the campaign is kept “under wraps” until the big unveiling of the donation page.

It’s OK if someone leaks your page URL and some pre-launch donations come in (money is money, right?) – the page will still process the donations even before your campaign is actually LIVE.


There is an aspect to “donor psychology” called “IMMEDIACY BIAS”. Shorter-term and urgent needs generate much stronger emotions and often inspire LARGER GIVING…


Your END DATE creates some urgency terms of a time-sensitive need. End dates can easily be extended, so you really don’t need to worry about leaving donations on the table. The reality is that even after your end date elapses your page will still process donations just fine (in case someone is REALLY SLOW to respond to email!).

Framing your campaign with an identified START and END can be helpful in order to create overall urgency.

In some cases, you might want to set up a campaign that works on a perpetual time frame (like a “donate” button on your website that is always available to process incoming donations of goodwill). As long as your donation page reflects this ongoing need, you can easily link your page URL to any DONATE button on your page.

Again, much of this is completely up to you, ands regardless of how you might choose to set up your campaign, the ability to generate large amounts of money for your organization with next to no work or effort is certainly work the payoff. 


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