As band fundraisers go – where should Crowdfunding fit in?

Sorry, but this meme is too good NOT to use…

DowneyMeme.jpgWhile we make fun of the old-hat, tried and true, terribly uncreative forms of fundraising for large groups, FansRaise does understand that having some incremental money coming into the program to cover costs that pop up from time to time is a good thing.

I believe that each and every band fundraiser ought to have a focus and outcome in mind.  The smaller, tiny ones are great to cover the program’s “mad money” – for emergency repairs, extra tape for the color guard, or reimbursement of expenses incurred by instructional staff.  These are very real needs and also quite common.


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But when the band director sits down with the band boosters to plan the calendar, think about the big stuff, and what campaign could be brought to bear to offset the costs.

At FansRaise, we preach “SCALE”.  We feel that if you’re going to devote time and energy to an activity, the payoff better be a good one.  And while I make fun of the candy sales and pizza kit sales, they really do have a place.

What you really need to think about (ensemble/band directors and band boosters primarily) – 

  1. Does the proposed fundraiser give us a good shot at reaching a larger target?
  2. Does it put our program in front of “new fans”?
  3. Can we use it as a springboard for other campaigns or events?
  4. Will the kids have fun?



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