Marching Band Fundraising? Take it Easy.

So many things about our performing activities dwell in the world of “work ethic”.  Practice hard.  Prepare.  Rehearse.  Long hours.  Toiling in the sun…

Band findraising made easy

When it comes to marching bandfundraising, band boosters and the band director shouldn’t really HAVE to work that hard.  

Crowdfunding falls into the classification of one of the easiest fundraising opportunities you will ever find, while also allowing for a potentially large return of money for the small investment of time.  



Make life easier on everyone involved, and take a look at crowdfunding as an option.  For capital investments in your program, a large goal that unites your members and the program’s stakeholders is a way to move the needle quickly.  

Marching band fundraising does not need to be difficult or complex.  You can quickly plan and execute a campaign which will move your program forward.


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