Band Trip Fundraising: Help Your Students Subsidize Band Trips with FansRaise

Most of the inquiries we receive at FansRaise tend to involve large capital purchases for the Organization, such as uniforms, instruments, trucks/trailers, etc.

These big-ticket items are easy to rally support for, since they are large, splashy, big-ticket items that are easy to identify with.

band students preparing for band trips

One of the things we see across the US music education landscape is the rising costs of activity fees for some of these performing programs. Some high school students are required to pay hundreds of dollars each school year to cover their fees for marching band, indoor color guard or drumline, and the all-school musical.

Couple this with the rising costs of travel, and you have a major financial crunch placed on the backs of your parents and boosters. While everyone loves the buzz and notoriety that big band trips create, parents with more than one child in the program are really behind the proverbial 8-Ball….

FansRaise campaigns can be structured to benefit your individual students as well as the Org. Campaigns can be set up to award 100% of the proceeds to your students, or share the proceeds on a percentage basis.




Let’s say you have a band trip coming up in the spring. It involves overnights in a hotel and reasonable airfare. The costs to each student amounts to $1,200 all-inclusive. Additionally the program has to cover the costs of 4 additional chaperones.

There Are 3 Ways You Could Handle This Using FansRaise:

  1. Set your campaign up as a Capital Org campaign, and 100% of the proceeds will fall into one big bucket. Use those funds to defray the costs across the entire organization (bring the cost for each student down a couple hundred bucks while also covering your chaperones.
  2. Set the campaign to convey 100% of the proceeds to your students. As your students participate in the FansRaise campaign, the donations that they generate will track back to their unique ID. When we disburse funds to your Org, a report will accompany the check allowing your boosters to credit the funds to the appropriate student accounts.
  3. Split the campaign proceeds based on a percentage (50/50, 70/30), allowing your students efforts to be rewarded in addition to the Org. This combines elements of (1) and (2) above.


We should mention that the above example could easily apply to indoor percussion and winter guard units looking to subsidize their trip to WGI Championships in Dayton. 

While crowdfunding works well for larger Org campaigns, do not disregard how effective a member-focused campaign can be in helping your students and members pay their way on band trips or other similar events. Taking a marching band on a band trip with half-of-a-band and trying to perform at a festival is not fun.

Please reach out to us if we can help create some incredible experiences for your own performing group!



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