Crowdfunding Campaign Tips – Do THIS to Incentivize Larger Donations

crowdfunding campaign tips to incentivize big donations

From time to time, we will highlight a particular aspect of a campaign to illustrate some best practices and crowdfunding campaign tips. While we do not actively promote any one campaign over another, we do want to openly share best practices in order to make your Org’s FansRaise experience more successful.

The Connecticut Hurricanes are one of those legacy drum and bugle corps that is steeped in decades of history (established in 1932). They are using FansRaise to purchase new uniforms, and we LOVE what they are doing with incentivizing larger donations via their donations grid.

Use a tiered donation system for better crowdfunding results

This presents the donor with a fairly obvious decision on how far up the pyramid do they want to go.

Managing this on the back-end is pretty simple as we will export a list of donors that can be sorted by donation amount. Public Broadcasting (radio and TV) have been using this model successfully for decades, because it really works.

Consider bringing this type of element into your campaign, and you are likely to increase your total revenue dramatically without much additional work.

You can view the Hurricanes’ full campaign page HERE.




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