Answerbag – Should I do a Capital/Org Campaign’ or a “Student Campaign’?”

A question as old as the ages – or actually as old as FansRaise since we were the first platform to offer both types of campaign structures in one system!


This question is probably more a question of PRIORITIES rather than anything else. In some cases it also becomes contingent on what your school district will let you do.

Let me explain…


Your best results in terms of total funds raised will come from an Org Capital Campaign

In a campaign that benefits your Org 100%, you now have a program-wide event that compels (or should compel) close to 100% of your members to jump in with both feet.


Individual fundraising campaigns take on an ‘optional’ flavor

We all understand that in every organization – some people fundraise and others don’t or won’t. Any campaign that is designed to have the process benefit the students’ personal fees (for trips, drum corps tuition, activity fees, etc) will be subject to the same optionality.


Choose the top priority for your program when building a campaign plan

As the director or administrator of a performing organization – you know and understand your group’s culture and mindset much better than anyone else. While you may WANT to help kids with an additional fundraising opportunity, those crusty and ancient school-owned low brass instruments need to be updated badly. How can you recruit new players to your lower brass when you hand them a pre-WWII instrument?

The thought process most likely boils down to priorities, and what makes the most impact the soonest.

Both campaign modes can be successful for your program, but choose the one that suits your immediate priorities first.


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