FansRaise helps performing arts programs affected by Covid-19 by waiving fees

In response to the setbacks presented by Covid-19, FansRaise – the premier provider of guided ensemble and group crowdfunding campaigns to the performing arts – is helping arts programs recover financially BY WAIVING PLATFORM FEES for campaign launched between now and September 1st, 2020.

FansRaise offers a unique guided and coached fundraising experience for performing ensembles and groups via a proprietary crowdfunding engine developed by a group of former arts educators, booster parents, and nonprofit administrators.

Launched in 2017, FansRaise has worked with over 200 nonprofit organizations around the United States ranging from small scholastic and community-based groups to elite World Class performing ensembles. 

“The standard campaign fee of 15% will not apply for these next couple of months,” said Founder & CEO Brian Gilbert. “Campaigns will still be subject to the standard payment processing fee of 2.9% plus .30 cents per transaction. Performing ensembles that have lost significant fundraising event opportunities over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic will find more of their donations flow through to their bottom line, and we hope that this plays a part in  aquick financial recovery for these programs.”

“We can offer support and ‘best wishes’ all we want, but these groups need funds, and they need them now,” said Gilbert. “As educators and booster organizations manage their reopening and program timelines, it’s important that fundraising becomes as easy and efficient as possible.”

Crowdfunding and online giving has been recognized as the fastest-growing category of nonprofit fundraising. FansRaise has been specifically designed to give arts programs a crowdfunding platform experience that is virtually coached via the web and mobile devices.

If you direct or support a performing ensemble, click below to register and set-up your organization on the FansRaise platform:


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