3 Crowdfunding Tips For Big Results




We’ve identified 3 Tips that will propel your crowdfunding campaign to a much higher level:


(1) Buy-in from your members or students

What makes FansRaise different from other crowdfunding experiences is the element of member/student engagement. Rather than just creating a pretty campaign page, we allow organizations to involve their members in the promotion of the campaign. Sharing on social media is fine, but our platform focuses on having members build an aggregated contact list, which will generate a much better response than just social media alone.

Your students’ efforts represent the main catalyst in a successful campaign. While we do not require you to involve your members directly, we do strongly recommend that you use your FansRaise campaign as a way to teach ownership and responsibility – plus you’re going to generate more donations so it’s a win-win.


(2) Your Launch date is key

Always select a hard launch date, and be sure to make that date known to your members. Push your members to be certain to have ALL of their 20 contacts entered into the platform prior to that launch date.

If you get everyone focused on that date, your launch will be much more impactful and successful.


(3) Incentivize larger donations

Consider that the more students participate fully with 20 contacts, your campaign will be put in front of more eyeballs than a campaign with weaker participation. So in a way of thinking, you do have a certain degree of control over how many donations you receive.

Think about ways to increase your average donation. One great tactic is to add value for larger donations. Using something along the lines of the grid below will help:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.43.55 PM.png


For more tips and strategies on how to maximize your crowdfunding returns:



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