Why YOUR Crowdfunding Campaign is the Most Important Campaign



I received a very interesting question that I thought might make for good blog fodder.

“When we run a FansRaise crowdfunding campaign, do our donors get exposed to other campaigns from other organizations?”


The answer to this is a resounding “NO”, but I think the reason why we purposely do not do this deserves explaining.


The reason FansRaise campaigns work so well is about connective relationships.

In our experience, people are most likely to support causes that they feel directly linked to. When we work with ensembles, we counsel the members or students to focus on (20) potential contacts that (a) know the student on a first name basis and (b) understand the importance that the performing experience plays in his/her life.


Other campaigns could possibly dilute your message.

There is already enough daily “static” interference in our busy lives. Getting your potential donors to sit up and take notice of your campaign is already an uphill battle given all of the things competing for our attention (and our money).


So be assured, your campaign messaging is built around your campaign, and your campaign only. After all, YOUR campaign is the most important campaign in the world – to your students and your potential donors.





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