How Band Boosters Raise New Funds with no New Work

We’ve reviewed the real costs of fundraisers, and we’ve discussed ways to position fundraising for maximum student participation.


Here is something new to consider – think about crowdfunding, not just as a way to raise new funds, but to allow band boosters to generate new funds without ANY ADDITIONAL WORK.


band boosters moving pit equipment

In a perfect world – and I do realize that your situation may only permit SOME of this – you could allow a crowdfunding campaign to be largely led by your students with minimal intervention and reinforcement from your boosters or staff.

Without heavy accounting for orders, delivery, logistics, multiple phone calls to “Come and pick up your stuff you ordered…”, band boosters can add crowdfunding into their mix of fundraisers without displacing anything you are doing now. If done correctly, you can focus on out-of-towners and friends/family that you wouldn’t be able to deliver items to anyway.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at this blog post where we discuss how to use crowdfunding to underwrite LARGE projects like big band trips, equipment purchases, uniforms, etc:


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