Your GoFundMe Campaign is Probably Doomed To Fail – Here’s Why


Once in a while, a GFM campaign does catch fire and does manage to go viral and generate lots of money.

Sometimes it’ll happen when a celebrity learns of the campaign and tweets about it, or maybe a news station features it in a local interest piece.

These are the exception, not the rule.

Within the context of a crowdfunding campaign for a performing ensemble, GFM really relies on social media sharing.

That’s it – your campaign is basically at the whim of the Facebook algorithm, or the mysterious equation that determines what posts get featured in a particular person’s newsfeed.

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If you leave the success of your campaign in the hands of social media – you are taking a pretty big risk:

1. The Facebook Problem

It’s widely known that Facebook is making it harder to get regular posts seen.

Unless it’s a sponsored post or “boosted” in some way, or it’s a video via Facebook Live, only a small percentage of the Facebook world MIGHT see it.

2. The Begging Problem

Asking people to just “post and share” isn’t a reliable method to promote a campaign.

There is very little accountability associated with that behavior. Are you prepared to visit everyone’s individual feeds to see if they’ve followed through?

Of course not.

3. The Noise Problem

Facebook’s large size and scale makes for a very jumbled and scattered environment. It’s difficult to capture people’s attention in the chaos.


The Email Solution

Our data shows that EMAIL is a much more reliable promotional method for crowdfunding campaigns.

Person-to-person requests are much more thoughtful, genuine, and authentic. A message to a hand-selected potential donor has a much higher conversion potential.

You will be much more likely to gain a donor bringing a much higher donation with them.

GoFundMe’s large size almost works against them. It’s generic and cookie-cutter.

Break away from that old way of thinking, and do something different. Allow your campaign to stand out, and as a result your results will be much more predictable.


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