Crowdfunding for Drum and Bugle Corps may be your answer

Genesis Crowdfunding Success

We have been receiving consistent interest from the independent performing arts world since our inception. Drum and bugle corps, as well as independent winter guards and percussion ensembles, are on their own with raising their own funds. They are typically open to anything feasible that may earn a return on their time investment.

For a deeper dive into how Genesis D&BC generated amazing results with their FansRaise campaign, click here…

In the Spring of 2017, FansRaise partnered with the Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps from Austin, TX. It was a match made in heaven – we needed a beta test client that would allow us to use them as a “guinea pig” of sorts, and Genesis needed big funds to subsidize a kitchen trailer project.

In short, they crushed it – largely due to the way that their student membership stepped up and took advantage of all of our capabilities. They created thoughtful contact lists. They engaged with those contacts before the campaign launched in order to “prep” them for their special online event. The members pushed themselves and each other to participate to the fullest. They created a bit of a game out of it. They did exactly as we suggested and they came away with almost $24K in about 6 weeks – with very little effort at all.

NOTE – Genesis came right back in the Spring of 2018 and produced almost identical results! They will be launching their 2019 campaign shortly…

It works in DCI, but would this system work for your organization. The answer is an emphatic YES. There is no reason why it wouldn’t.

Crowdfunding will work as a fundraising solution in a variety of settings. Beyond the simple capital campaigns, you could also view a FansRaise campaign as a way to allow your kids to generate their own earned donations for trips and fees.

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