Answerbag – How Big a Group Do I Need For a Crowdfunding Campaign?

This is a common question that is asked by smaller ensembles frequently.


SHORT ANSWER – It doesn’t matter – big or small group – crowdfunding is still an excellent option regardless of the size of your performing ensemble.

The reason why comes down to proportion. 

At the center of the FansRaise system is the student-driven quality of the campaign. Our model asks each participant to submit (20) emails to the platform. Those emails are “locked-down” (the Org’s admin cannot view the specific email addresses – only the member participant can see them), and used to aggregate a larger Org email list.

Let’s say a 40 member marching band considers a FansRaise campaign:

40 members -> submitting an average of 16 contacts per member

Let’s conservatively say that each member turns up 5 positive donors from their contact list of ~16.

Using an average of $30 per donation (and this is REALLY LOW, and we recommend ways to pump up this number), that means that each member “develops” a total of $150 in donations, on average.

That would end up looking like a $6,000 campaign if it held to those (very conservative) averages.

So the next question would be “Is $6,000 ENOUGH to move the needle and make it “worth it?”

Most groups would say HECK YES! $6,000 for next to no work or effort is certainly work the payoff. 


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