Indoor Ensembles Use End-of-Season Championships to Fuel Crowdfunding Campaigns

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We’ve discussed the reasons why indoor ensembles (winter guard, indoor percussion) typically require additional funding resources.

In most scholastic situations, these ensembles are typically play 2nd-fiddle to the school marching band, and sometimes these programs are under-funded.

Crowdfunding can be a tremendously useful method to raise large chunks of funds in a short period of time. If you’ve spent any time around a competitive indoor program, the season is actually surprisingly short. A shorter season does not provide a wide-open window of time to put a longer fundraiser together.

Indoor ensembles are setting up campaigns for a variety of reasons:

“Flags & Floor”…

“Drive to Championships”…

“The Road To Dayton”…

“Support our Drum-a-thon”…

Due to the brevity of the season – take our advice. Define BOTH a START AND END DATE to help create urgency within your crowdfunding campaign:

  • The start date will help spur on your members to jump into the campaign and start adding their contacts ASAP. We define “start date” as the date of the first outgoing supporter email request from the FansRaise platform.
  • The end date will also create urgency for your donors to pitch in and help. The end date signifies the perceived end-of-campaign, but it can also be extended if needed (it is all about perception).


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