The Most INSANE Props in the Marching Arts: HUGE List of Marching Shows [UPDATED]

Props. Scenery. Visual Staging. 

Regardless of what you choose to call it – big, giant, elaborate “thingies” are taking up residence on the 40 yard line/back hash.

And props are never just limited to outdoor marching ensembles. Provided the pieces can fit through a gymnasium door, you’ll also see them on basketball courts as part of indoor winter guard and percussion shows, as well.


Here at FansRaise, we put our collective heads together and derived the following list of examples of show productions that we feel broke significant new-ground in the props/scenery realm. Think we missed someone? Go ahead and shout them out in the blog comments – and don’t forget to link a video or image!


The 2018 James Bowie High School Outdoor Performing Ensemble (BOA)

Bowie took their visual production to another level this past season with their production “Floridly Primordial”. Bowie never shies away from doing things BIG, and this show was certainly not an exception.

Our friends at FloMarching did a video segment on their props, and the tie into their show concept.




Also, in the spirit of “doing big things” – did you hear that Bowie’s World winter guard is the only US-based ensemble performing as part of WGI’s China Regional in Beijing?

James Bowie also selected FansRaise to be their crowdfunding partner to help their guard raise the funds for their trip!


The 2018 Bluecoats (DCI)

Session 44 represented an opportunity to tell an interesting story, as sometimes art (as well as life) takes 44 tries in order to get it right. The “chairs” are 4s, upside-down (downside-up?), and they serve as unique stages and as a framing perspective for this production.








2018 Stryke Percussion (WGI)

“Nightmare at 30,000 Feet” required the ensemble to acquire a plane, and then over the course of 6 months, cut it down into moveable pieces so it would be transportable (and get through gymnasium doors).





2018 Concord Blue Devils (DCI)

“Of Dreams and Nighthawks” recreated a diner – YES a DINER – on the football field. Paying homage to Edward Hopper’s famous work “Nighthawks” for their 2018 production “Dreams + Nighthawks”. 





2017 Dartmouth High School (WGI)

This show takes the audience on a literal “Emotional Roller Coaster”, and not only uses expressive costuming but also props and scenery as well. 





 I bet you’ve got PROP ENVY, RIGHT?

Visual construction and design on this level require planning, and FUNDING. Lots and lots of FUNDING.

Many ensembles around the country are finding it easier than ever before to generate large amounts of cash via the FansRaise platform. It’s easy, there’s nothing to sell, and the student participants “take the lead” in the campaign, making it easy for boosters to take a break, or independent ensembles to get a leg up on the season.



Ensembles around the United States are using FansRaise to raise more money quickly for things like equipment, instruments, uniforms, trucks, trailers – the sky is the limit.

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