Your Friday Tip to Take your Band Fundraising to the Next Level

Every Friday, we take an opportunity to throw out some tips and tricks to our followers on how to get the most from yourband fundraising campaign. 

band kids at rehearsal


Incentivize larger donations

The larger your average donation, the easier it will be to hit the target of your band fundraising campaign. It’s just simple math. We are talking to groups that are planning campaigns where this is built in, and in many cases the “carrot” that you can use can actually be the goal you are fundraising for.


EXAMPLE 1 – Your marching band and indoor units need a trailer. Our data suggests that donations over the $50 mark tend to be less common.

For a $100 donation, your family’s name will be placed on the back of our trailer as a cornerstone donor to this campaign.


EXAMPLE 2 – Your group needs new uniforms. This is an easy one.

For a $100 donation, your family’s name will be sewn into a new uniform jacket as a tribute to your generous contribution.


EXAMPLE 3 – This is a catch-all that we’ve looked at before.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.43.55 PM.png

This is from the Connecticut Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps, and this is a great template to use. The best part about this – EVERY donation is recognized and valued.


If you use verbiage like “No donation is too small – even $1 – $5 is great…” and you emphasize that – you are going to get a LOT of smaller donations. We’ve seen it happen.

In life you tend to get what you ask for. It’s simple – just ask for BIGGER DONATIONS, but in a very tactful way, of course!


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