Don’t Call it Crowdfunding: It’s a Capital Campaign Outside the Box


Sometimes, the name we assign to things allows for preconceptions and a misplacement of understanding.

When we think of the term “Capital Campaign”, we often envision a new hospital wing, or roof or a boiler furnace for the church, or some sort of ambitious building/facilities project.

In our world of performing fundraising – we equate a “Capital Campaign” to things more in-line with the things your performing arts program needs to function – like “band uniforms”, “trucks/trailers”, staff fees, or program expenses in general.

The term “crowdfunding” sometimes brings about a reference to a GoFundMe page that just asks for money to help with a short-term need, medical bills, or to help someone in a bad spot.

Yes, you can use sites like GoFundMe (or a hundred different free sites) to raise a little money. The problem is that the opportunity you miss to create an enduring and repeatable capital fundraising approach is too important to overlook. 


We Approach Every Campaign Like a Comprehensive Capital Campaign

When it comes to running a capital campaign, things like telephone solicitation and direct mail play a role in last-generation’s fundraising.

For super-high-dollar fundraising, YES, these are still tactics that will help results – however – one of the beautiful things about the FansRaise platform is the ability for an ensemble director, arts administrator, or booster parent to create a rapidly-deployed campaign quickly, while leveraging your students and performers as active participants.


With the FansRaise platform, student participants become the broadcast method for your capital campaign. 


Participants create their own respective Contact Lists, and the FansRaise platform creates a personalized email appeal to those contacts – advocating for your cause, and your organization.


There are no emails to write, or messaging to create. All you do is quickly create your Organization, and its associated Campaign Page, and then add your student participants to the platform in the form of a spreadsheet.

As your campaign launches, our system provides customized campaign coaching to your ensemble’s members, creating high levels of engagement and participation.


You can have your wide-scale campaign running in just a couple of days, and most smaller ensembles can expect to raise $10,000 or more in a few short weeks. Results vary depending on participation levels of course, but the system is proven to produce great results.

FansRaise has worked with 220+ Arts Organizations around the United States, and has touched over 18,000 educators, administrators, and student performers.

If you’d like to learn more about the FansRaise system, download our $10,000 Blueprint.


Or if you’re ready to get moving quickly, set up your free User Account and your Organization here:



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