What is Peer to Peer Fundraising, and Why Your Ensemble Needs to Do It Now


Peer to peer fundraising is among most widespread and highly-visible fundraising tactics used by non-profit organizations (of all shapes and sizes) – mainly due to the fact that IT WORKS REALLY WELL.

By definition – P2P fundraising involves having others fundraise on your organization’s behalf. Those posts you see on social media to support that 5K race that your cousin is running – that’s P2P. 

It’s ubiquitous and an extremely highly-visible way to not only raise funds for a targeted purpose, but also to broadly promote an organization’s programs and mission.


P2P fundraising is best organized by the Organization itself – otherwise:

  • You’ll get random pages built by random folks that while well-intentioned, sometimes miss the mark
  • The funds might not flow directly to the Org
  • There’s no way to ensure a predictable and repeatable donor experience if pages are different, platforms are varied, and the communicated messages are spotty.

Performing ensembles around the United States have been using the FansRaise platform since 2017 to raise money for important educational outcomes in the Arts. Ensemble directors and/or booster/parent supporters can easy set up an ensemble and build a corresponding P2P campaign quickly. Students are engaged to build their own respective contact lists, and once the campaign starts, the platform automatically delivers a targeted and personalized email supporter request to those most likely to donate. 

Most campaign last 3-4 weeks and require very little planning or work to support. There are no upfront costs and the upside potential to raise large amounts of funds quickly is extremely high.


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