Another reason crowdfunding is perfect for high school band fundraisers

Most music programs will take some sort of an ensemble trip at some point in the school year. These can range from a day trip to the closest big city, to amusement park festivals (ala’ Music in the Parks), a Bowl Game, or potentially even a longer trip out of the country.

bass drummers that probably did fundraising with FansRaise

These trips are great ways to build excitement and a certain level of mystique around your program, however they come at a cost. In some cases more like a couple mortgage payments….

In most cases there is some sort of performance involved, and frequently the performance setting is one where missing just a few students can SEVERELY IMPEDE the quality of the performance. In a field show situation, holes in the drill or missing soloists can throw a big wet blanket on the impact of the show. Want to know the easiest way to derail a marching band performance? Remove a couple of bass drums and see what happens.

Missing kids tend to drive band directors nuts – and this is pretty universal.

High school band fundraisers – done well and coordinated intelligently – can help alleviate the pressure put on families as expenses mount. Consider that not only is FansRaise a great way to buy big stuff for your program (trailers, uniforms, equipment, etc) – but also creating a way for students to pad their own accounts to offset the costs of activity fees, trip costs, etc.


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